Under Dawgs just dropped the teaser for Video Mixtape and it’s looking good. Real good. Sizable airs, drops, transfers, and some creative spots come together in the teaser; put this on your list of movies to see this fall.

From Under Dawgs:

When making a mixtape you gather all of your favorite tracks that are believed to flow and compliment one another nicely. Producing Video Mixtape was the same process. We weeded through a handful of our favorite riders in order to create a compilation of diverse snowboarding.

Featuring Gus Warbington, Jesse Gouveia, Dan “Vinny” Vinzant, Corey Schneider, Sammy Spiteri, Michael Wick, Brady Lem, Max Tokunaga, Gared Schneider, Brandon Sakiewicz, Durell Williams, Jordan Morse, and Blake Geis.

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