United Slopes of America 2.1—Greatest Snow on Earth

words: Mark Clavin

Right now snowboarding has a lot of the same. We mean this by no means as an insult, just an observation. The riding is as creative as ever and the characters across our culture are diverse and original, but in the constant feed of bails and stomps, it is all sometimes lost. That is why we thank the snow gods when projects like Desiree Melancon’s United Slopes of America comes across our desks. It not only takes us deep into the snow, but it takes us into the relationship between snowboarders and their home mountain, or more simply put, their home.

Desiree’s Utah home for the season in the Brighton parking lot. p: Marc O’Malley

Desiree started this idea over two seasons ago and has put some serious miles on her camper/home in order to make it happen. Riding through California last season, Desiree Melancon‘s journey to every ski resort in the United States is officially back for the second round. No more waiting. This time focusing in on Utah’s famed peaks, Melancon crewed up with Jill Perkins, Nirvana Ortanez, and Marc O’Malley to explore the “Greatest Snow on Earth.” Starting at Brighton Resort with a mix of locals, transplants, and visitors, (Bar Dadon, Nate Carrol, Jon Stark, Garrett Warnick, Bode Merrill, Justin Keniston, Christian Sparks, Gravedigger, Amanda Hankison, Katie Kennedy, Mike Rav, Paul Osborne, Pat Fava, Seth Huot and Parker Szumoswski) get glimpse of what riding at their adopted home is like, and check back in soon for the next episode. Follow along @unitedslopesofamerica on Instagram!

Film and edit by Marc O’Malley.

Big thanks to Salomon, Coal, and Brew Dr. Kombucha for making it all happen.