Last winter, Desiree Melancon packed up her snowboard and took to the road on an epic snowboard roadtrip. Her goal: ride at every resort in the U.S. and experience not only the snow-packed trails, but the mountain lifestyle proffered by each location as defined by the locals who call each place home.

In the first episode of The United Slopes of America, Desiree captains her custom-built camper to Truckee, California, where a storm cycle offering plentiful powder and laps with friends awaits, welcoming Des back to her first days riding post-knee surgery. Soda Springs, Alpine Meadows, Squaw Valley, and Boreal are on the to-do list and with a crew of Tahoe’s finest, Desiree and filmer Tyler Orton tackle the steeps of the Sierras. At each resort, Desiree’s narration sets the stage while her riding, along with that of Max Tokunaga, Sammy Spiteri, Nial Romanek, Tucker Andrews, Johnny Brady, Felix Mobarg, Gray Thompson, Alex Horgan, Paul Heran, Chris Roach, Kael Hill, Wilkyboi, Jacob Krugmire, Lane Knaack, Jake Luczak, Zander Blackmon, Casey Pletz, and Jackson Fowler tell the story of each mountain.

The rooster tails, cliff drops, and jib lines are plenty to extrapolate on the wonders of Tahoe, but local and native snowboarders offer up their experiences as to why each resort is worth visiting. It’s one part travel log, one part snow porn, and one part guide book to where you should set your compass as the snow starts to fall.

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