Chances are you, a family member, or friend currently own some sort of Vans footwear. This brand has been a style icon for all major board sports for many years now and is celebrating 20 years in the snow industry.

Vans footwear has been producing quality products since 1966 and isn’t stopping anytime soon. They have a deep history within the snowboarding industry and have helped shape the sport into what it is today. From the days of taping your feet into bindings, to one of the first pro models, Vans has been there from the start and has had some of snowboarding’s biggest names riding for them. Owner Steve Van Doren has kept his father’s vision going by keeping the brand rooted into what it does best, footwear. From the start, Vans held various contests such as the Van’s Triple Crown in hopes to find the next big star with the best style to represent their company. They have continued to find some of the most talented riders and are still producing some of the best snowboard boots and shoes on the market.

Featuring snowboarding legends: John Cardiel, Nathan Fletcher, Pat Moore, Andreas Wiig, Hana Beaman, Zac Marben, Mark Landvik, Jamie Lynn, Shaun Palmer, Circe Wallace, Daniel Franck, Kurt Wastell, Temple Cummins, and Darrell Mathes.