A formidable human being from humble beginnings, Portland-based graphic designer Aaron James Draplin of the DDC represents some of the best protein to be found within SNOWBOARDER Magazine’s DNA. Though his tenure at SNOWBOARDER only spanned three years, Draplin’s design aesthetic, at once both loose yet always adherent to a grid, helped to define our magazine in the post Y2K era. Affable, confident, charismatic, visionary, frugal and at times quixotic, Aaron is, if nothing else, inspiring. Check out the two-part documentary created as a part of the Vans Living Off the Wall series and then research some more. Pause Part 2 at 4:38 to see our Draplin created cover logo from 2001 in the upper right of the backdrop. Also of note is the director of these shorts who is former Forum, Foursquare and Special Blend Art Director and Medium Magazine founder Jared Eberhardt. To see more of how Jared is tied to SNOWBOARDER’s pedigree, dig up a copy of our September 2000 issue which features an interview with JP Walker designed by this filmmaker way before moving pictures become his outlet of choice. If that isn’t enough loosely related SNOWBOARDER content, keep clicking around the Living Off the Wall landing page and dive into the Vincent Skoglund’s section. Vincent as well spent three years on the SNOWBOARDER masthead as one of our Senior Photographers. Overall, this site contains lots of cool stuff from cool people who did cool things for SNOWBOARDER.

Watch Aaron Draplin and the Art of the Side Hustle – Part 2.