words, photo and video: Ryan “Huggy” Hughes

Forest Bailey, Lucas Magoon, Scott Blum, Jake OE, and I took a trip to the main island and it was trippy mane. These guys found a way to maximize fun and productivity on an international trip (depicted in the chart below). Led by the zealous Reo Takahashi, the crew experienced extreme lows and highs. All were dealt punishment, but stayed vigilant and ultimately were straight fucking down for Japan. We only had one interaction with police and this was 30 seconds after Gooner took his shirt off and spun it around like a helicopter. Did they think he was a Japanese goon from legend, or a tatted up Yakuza? Nah, probably what it always is: an evil super citizen robot programmed to destroy us. We lost half a day on that, but the next day…buzzer beaters on buzzer beaters. Glimpse the journey in the video/slide show mash above, and see more in The Snowboarder Movie: SFD, dropping Fall 2015.

Sfd productivity chart 640
The SNOWBOARDER Movie: SFD productivity chart. source: Library of Congress

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