words: John Cavan
film and edit: Ian Dreher

Mike Rav, Cole Navin, Zach Normandin and more invade Nashoba Valley For Chris Grenier's Annual Holiday Hammers.

Santa Clause may be the busiest working guy on Christmas, but Chris Grenier was the hardest working snowboarder Christmas week this year! Hosting not one, but two holiday hammer contests. After celebrating at his home resort of Brighton in Utah, Chris flew back to the motherland, the birthplace of freedom, home of Big Papi, Tom Brady, Dunkin’ Donuts, and the best drivers on the planet. I'm talking about a little place called Massachusetts! In case you couldn't tell by his hats, coats, tattoos, or any one of his many pro models, Chris Grenier is originally from Mass and in between trips to the Garden and Fenway, flipping people off on the Mass pike, or summer vacations on Cape Cod, it is where Chris learned to snowboard. Snowboarders from Massachusetts are real pieces of work, they may be loud, a bit sketchy, and may wear some interesting things to the slopes, but they are extremely loyal and grateful people. Throw into the mix that the mountains aren't exactly mountains and those dedicated shreds have to start looking to ride anything; take for instance Scott Stevens, Mike Rav, Cole Navin, you get the picture…

More pros need to give back to their communities like Chris Grenier. As in years past, at Wachusett Mtn. (another small resort in Mass), kids came out of the woodwork to Nashoba Valley to ride the boxes, rails, and makeshift features. Anything that could be ollied, bonked, transferred, and slid was sessioned at rapid fire. Grendy's kept people laughing with his announcing while riders like Mike Rav, Zach Normandin, Cole Navin and a cast of characters you could literally write books about shredded with the Nashoba locals. One foot races were run, a busload of prizes were given away, high fives were slapped, and everyone came away with a smile. This is what it's all about! Giving back to your community and riding with your friends!

Chris ended the night the best way you can in Boston… courtside at the Garden watching the Celtics. Be sure to throw Chris a high five if you see him for throwing this shindig and make absolutely sure to support his sponsors Salomon, Thirty-Two, New Era, Monster, Crab Grab, Dang Shades, and Celtek for allowing him to give away so much stuff and throw two awesome events. Be sure to thank Eastern Boarder for all their support to Chris and the local shred community at Nashoba Valley for hosting the event. Hope to see everyone next year.