Videograss and Hard to Earn Premiere


Though the featured films of last night's festivities were slightly paradoxal in terms of style, they were equally compelling in content. Last night, in Encinitas, California's famed La Paloma theater, MFM and F.O.D.T's Hard to Earn and Videograss' self-titled debut played back-to-back for an enthusiastic crowd. Whether you run a tight-panted kit or a tall tee, one has to appreciate the level that these kids are pushing jibbing to. The usual industry crowd mixed with ecstatic fans of the films for a two-hour beer can opening-while-coughing, whooping and yelping extravaganza of massive proportions. After the movie let out, it was off to the Saloon for all the booze you could guzzle down, and the night ended with a raucous crowd taking on a few of the local Encinitas meth heads and homeless alike. All in all, it was what a snowboard premiere should be. Mischief, contraband and all-around great snowboarding. Be on the lookout for both Videograss and Hard to Earn and when you see them in your local shop, do snowboarding a favor and purchase them. Big thanks to everyone involved, especially the crazy brown-toothed dog-woman who sunk her soft teeth into my friend's leg during the scuffle. That has kept me laughing all day long.

Peep the photo gallery for all the action from last night's madness and stay tuned, cause tonight, Forum's Forever and Standard's Black Winter are playing down in San Diego. More to come soon…

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