Photo: Lance Hakker

Photo: Lance Hakker

Words: Lance Hakker

Videograss' self-titled, debut film premiered in Portland this Tuesday. With a relatively short notice and an abnormally early season world premiere, Salomon's Java Fernandez made acquaintances with every theatre in Portland before, with 5 days to go, he finally set the venue for The Cleaners at the Ace Hotel. It's a small venue, but considering the circumstances, it was perfect for a crowd of 200.

"Justin Meyer made snowboarding cool again!”  – Nick Dirks

Most of the Videograssers were in attendance including Darrell Mathes, Mikey Leblanc, Aaron Biittner, Ben Bilocq, Jonas Michilot, Nick Dirks, LNP, Keegan Vailaika, Desiree Melancon, Laura Hadar, Jake Olson-Elm, along with filmer Jan Snarski, and the man of the hour Justin Meyer. Being a Videograsser myself ,I'll refrain from giving you my biased opinion on the movie, instead I'll quote what Nick Dirks said to me after the show, "Justin Meyer made snowboarding cool again!"

After the viewing it was off to the Partygrass. Everyone had differing ideas as to where this should take place, but most of the crowd ended up at the Blitz, which apparently has a more European approach to the drinking age. We overwhelmed the place for a bit and then decided to end the night at Darrell's home. It was a long walk and a good one. I saw LNP and Big Mountain Mike race one way. Suddenly Larry reappears and is wrestling with Jonas Michilot and Desiree Melancon in the only patch of dirt for a mile, all while people are playing limbo with our train of 20.

The Videograss premiere tour is currently being dialed, so look for a premiere near you in the near future.

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