Videograss Party At The Rail Gardens

Rail Gardens SKS 01

Chris Grenier, party animal.

All words & Photos: Sean Kerrick Sullivan

Friday Night. December 3, 2010. Snow in the streets of Salt Lake City. The Rail Gardens. Pizza. Homemade trophies. Beer. Videograss. Grass. Music. Friends. Lights. Generators. PARTY.

Rail Gardens SKS 02

The party was cool until LNP brought Meryl Streep and David Hasselhoff.

A film-season kick off party? I wouldn't take it that far, but by the time you read this, just about every crew in snowboarding will be fully operational, stacking shots, and doing what they do best.

Rail Gardens SKS 03

After The Hoff broke up the party and scared off the girls, it was a pretty mellow scene. (Clockwise -> Young Brady Larson, surprisingly not pictured with his BFF Ben. Justin Bennee came equipped with the beats, and some pizza. -> Got great grass on video, Videograss's videos.

Justin Meyer and the Videograss crew were generous enough to bust out their lights and generators to throw a little get down at one of snowboarding's most well known spots. The Rail Gardens. A proving ground, a hangout, a practice spot, a measly dog park. Call it what you will, the Rail Gardens gets more play than weird/cute animal youtube vidoes on Huggy's computer.

Rail Gardens SKS 04

Chris Bradshaw appears.

Word of the session spread like the sickening pollution that loves SLC, and a great group of rides came out of the woodwork for a 3 hour fiesta that was bound to have pleased La Nina. Grenier was even so kind as to weld some trophies out of scrap metal beforehand. Good times indeed.

Rail Gardens SKS 05

Brandon Hammid is a party animal, not a Taliban member.

Come January, Videograss will release their Rail Gardens Party edit right here on to kick off a series of exclusive edits that will, if I heard correctly, be some of the dopest shit ever.

Rail Gardens SKS 06

Johnny Miller with the two step.

Rail Gardens SKS 07

Zak Hale

Rail Gardens SKS 08

Uncle LNP Larry did some party tricks.

Rail Gardens SKS 09

And won the hand made "Biggest Dick" award.

Rail Gardens SKS 10

Dylan Thompson all murdered out.

Rail Gardens SKS 11

Chris Grenier awarded Brandon Hobush with this sweet second place award.

Rail Gardens SKS 12

Lucas Magoon also won an award, I don't know what it was, perhaps a tall boy in a plastic bag or a handcrafted #1. On left, Nosepress front 180 out. On Right, Frontboard gone wrong. Keep a lookout for the video in Jan to see him stomp both tricks.

Rail Gardens SKS 13

Benjamin Bilodeau, looking everywhere for his BFF Brady Larson.

Rail Gardens SKS 14

Zak Hale

Rail Gardens SKS 15

Dylan Alito literally rolling up on the rail.