Here at SNOWBOARDER Magazine, we look forward to Videograss’ movies each year. Even more than the influential riders that make up the shots, the signature filmmaking, and the amount of jaws that drop each year as the movies premiere, each release from this prestigious group reinforces the reasons we love snowboarding. That despite the cold, the slams, the broken boards, the weeks away from home, and all the other inherent pressures, we keep strapping in. This year, with “The Last Ones”, VG honors and reinforces the seasonal rite of passage that is the snowboard movie. While digital offerings and social media add new aspects to our media cache, the annual film is the pillar and what has brought us here. A year in the making, Videograss once again has produced a show-stopper that will be watched on repeat this winter.

“This is a special year for Videograss. They have combined last year's riders and put their focus into what we believe to be one of the best crews ever assembled. The Last Ones represents anyone who puts their hearts and souls into an annual project and strives to keep this key part of our culture alive. DONT GIVE IN! MAKE IT SPECIAL!

Featuring Bryan Fox, Chris Bradshaw, Danimals, Danny Larsen, Darrell Mathes, Gus Engle, Jake Kuzyk, Jake Olson Elm, Joe Sexton, Jonas Michilot, Jordan Mendenhall, Justin Fronius, Keegan Valaika, Nick Dirks, Scott Stevesn, and Zac Marben.”