Viktor Simco’s Fourth Annual Ollies for Alzheimers – Video


On November 24, Viktor Simco held his Fourth Annual Ollies for Alzheimers at Wild Mountain in Taylor Falls, Minnesota. Not only does Viktor’s event bring together local snowboarders for a good day of shredding, but it raises money for Alzheimers research, which is a very good cause. Alzheimers is a scary disease and Viktor’s commitment to his event has brought together the snowboard community in meaningful ways both on hill and off. Watch this video for some of the action that went down during the day, as well as Viktor’s personal story regarding the event. Below are a few photos, too. If you are in Minnesota next year, be sure to check out Ollies for Alzheimers and go to The Alzheimers Foundation for more information and to learn how you can get involved and/or donate to alzheimers research.

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