What is snowboarding if you can’t do it with your friends? When Leanne Pelosi set out last season to ride with and be inspired by other creative people, she succeeded in collaborating with a plethora of friends and thus, eclectic snowboarding styles. And this is what it is all about; snowboarding with others who catalyze your own innovation and vice versa. After a long season of filming, competing, and traveling, there’s few better ways to regroup and enjoy lapping than summer shredding. This past summer, after sessioning the slushy snow at Grouse in Canada, Leanne sent it to Oregon where she joined in on the melting pot of boarding that is Mt. Hood for the Rat Race. Follow along as Leanne Pelosi, Brooke Voigt, Logan Short, Jeff Keenan, Matt Heneghan, Nic Heringa, Cale Meyer, Jaeger Bailey, Jake Kuzyk, Zac Marben, Colleen Quigley, Tim Eddy, Kyle Martin, and more make turns and have a great time in episode 4 of Vision Airs.

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