9191 Premiere 009

How many snowboard films have you been to that have The Doors opening for them?

Words: Pat Bridges
Photos: Laura Austin

9191 is the numeric interpretation the name GIGI, albeit upside down and reversed which is fitting since that is how Gigi spends much of this avant-garde biopic. As the most highly anticipated shred flick release of this season it is no surprise that 9191 premiered to a packed house at Newport's Lido Theatre on September 1st, 2010.

9191 Premiere 029

How creepy would it be if some girl started taking photos of you while you were ordering popcorn at a movie theater? Can you say stalker?

What is refreshingly apparent about this film is that it was in essence the product of three people; Gigi Rüf, Jake Price and DJ Baron. Their collective vision is consistent throughout the whole film and what each brings to the table in terms of riding, filming/editing and soundtrack blends seamlessly and compliments the whole. While there is an epic cast of cameos throughout the movie including Jake Blauvelt, Terje Haakanson, Nicolas Muller, skater Chris Pfanner and a half dozen others it is Gigi who makes 9191 so memorable.

9191 Premiere 047

The people responsible for 9191; DJ Baron, Gigi Rüf, Jake Price and Billy Anderson.

One can assume that Gigi's riding is a refined expansion on what he was most stoked about in his previous parts. He appears to have a genuine hunger for seeking natural transitions. The result is a spontaneous blend of progressive freestyle in places few others have taken it. The word spontaneous is key here because with the exception of a spackling of heli shots, Jake Price's shooting seems just as natural as the terrain in the frame.  In other words there doesn't appear to be as many forced setup shots as in other modern films. This is where Veeco's pedigree, that includes Subjekt Haakansen, becomes apparent.

9191 Premiere 091

A spine tingling descent.

Obviously Gigi's riding provides that catalyst for this production. With a 12 month shooting schedule relying on one rider for the most part to carry the flick, things can get hectic yet Gigi appears to have not only busted his ass day in and day out, but also avoided getting burnt out. I make the latter assumption because throughout 9191 Gigi appears to be having a blast. It should be noted that Gigi did get hurt during the making of this film. When is anyone's guess though because the little Austrian wunderkind produced nearly half an hours worth of bangers including super cab like cornice drops, double corks, hand plant variations galore, epic over/under doubles descents with Jake Blauvelt and more, more, more.

9191 Premiere 115

So curious about what it says on the Spiccoli t-shirt.

Jake Price shot in an eclectic mix of formats yet managed to mix it all together in the editing room in such a way that what would normally be overload, becomes a harmonic visual symphony that works. Speaking of symphonies the soundtrack, or more fittingly, score is provided by Baron. Again, this departure from the formula of underground hits du jour that have become quid pro quo for so many productions, or in the case of Volcom Entertainment, fuzz rock, is as compelling as the rest of the 9191 package and a welcomed approach.

9191 Premiere 116

Imagine being an Irish, handicapped alcoholic? Then imagine having this cherry parking spot reserved for you.

Perhaps the best thing about 9191 is the fact that it isn't a snowboard film made by committee. It has been said that no art has ever been made by committee and in the mind of this writer 9191 might be just that, art.

9191 Premiere 143

Did you know that the lime is put in the opening of Corona bottles to keep flies away? Doesn't seem to work with bar flies though.

Java Fernandez.

9191 Premiere 149

Take a peek at the Bob Gnarly shirt D-Tale is wearing.

9191 Premiere 159

Kevin Keller obviously has some things on his mind. John Dewey on the otherhand, looks clueless.

9191 Premiere 183

In case of emergency, Zac Marben's mustache can be used as a flotation device.

9191 Premiere 211

For the sake of those involved, the people pictured above will not be named.

9191 Premiere 221

Pat Field, Cody Rosenthal, and Alex Lopez. Alex Lopez is the son of Gerry Lopez and if you don't know who he is, obviously you haven't read the latest issue of Stand Up Paddler Magazine where Gerry is the Guest Editor. Stand Up Paddler sounds like a fetish magazine.

9191 Premiere 259

Have you seen the tour schedule for 9191 yet? These guys will be flying to a different location almost day. However that 6am flight to Seattle didn't scare Ebonee, Gigi, and Landvik from going out.