Two decades ago, a handful of dudes from SoCal turned a stenciled t-shirt into a badge for a new generation of snow, skate, and surf boarders. With the mindset that “the man don’t stand sideways,” Volcom’s Youth Against Establishment ethos resonated with angst-riddled teens whose big pants, wide stances, and ditch-school-when-the-swell-or-shred-was-firing attitude made them the outcasts of the post-Reagan era. One of Volcom’s founders, Richard Woolcott, decided that this revolution would be televised, so he embarked on producing the first VeeCo full length feature named Alive We Ride, which documented how those flying the Stone colors were transforming the surf, steeps, and streets. This footage from 1993 is the ending section of Alive We Ride and it features Jamie Lynn, Bryan Iguchi, and Terje Haakonsen charging from Mammoth to Mount Hood and blowing minds with each butter, cab spin, and backside air. Look, learn, watch again and again and then send it for those who did it first two decades ago!