Volcom “IP2” Premiere Tour Kicks Off In NYC

Stripes are so hot right now. Dan Brisse, Billy Anderson, & Zac Marben.

Words & Photos: Laura Austin

If you are one to frequent action sports based websites you may have noticed a trend. No I am not talking about flashing banner ads, I’m talking about full video parts. As the media landscape is changing, more and more companies are deciding to premiere video parts online as opposed to the traditional movie model. Most companies have just dabbled with the idea by releasing a single part, but Volcom dove in head first with their “Individually Produced Parts” project, aka “#IP2” with a plan to release a full movie's worth of parts exclusively online.

Upon arrival to the Cakeshop I was sad to learn that cake would not actually be served. However have you ever heard of a birthday cake shot? The woman on this poster drank one right before this picture was taken.

As a way to showcase and promote their project in it’s entirety, Volcom has embarked on a whirlwind of a tour hitting 9 different cities in less then two weeks. Said tour kicked off on September 21st in the greatest city of them all, New York. In true Volcom style the premiere was hosted in the basement of a dark crowded bar/record store known as Cakeshop in the Lower East Side. The snowboard fans of NYC came out of the woodwork to hang with Volcom riders Dan Brisse and Zac Marben and to witness what Volcom had in store for them with IP2.

Volcom’s outerwear designer Pat Field & Loren Cronk

When a "movie" opens up with a part featuring Bryan Iguchi and Jamie Lynn you know you are in for a treat. All I can say is that these guys still got it and keep your eyes peeled for their part dropping on snowboardermag.com on December 31st. Dylan Alito put together a breakout part showcasing both his crazy personality and riding in a hilarious Halloween themed edit. Curtis Ciszek has the ability to make backcountry snowboarding look like a walk in the park with his part leaving you drooling for a powder day. Scott Blum's unique riding style really shined in his section, linking together creative urban and park lines that made you just want to hop on a snowboard. You should start eating whatever Bjorn Leines' parents fed him for breakfast because after 23 years of riding, the guy is still killing it in all aspects of riding. Hopefully you've already seen Daniel Brown's part, this young Bear local is one to watch out for in the rail scene. Seth Huot and newcomer Cody Biersdorf shared a part and Cody was able to hold up his end of the deal with and insane ender shot which you can watch here. Recently claiming the title of "father" Dan Brisse (who had a kid 6 days prior to traveling to NYC for the premiere) continues to make anyone watching him snowboard feel like pussies. His part filled with high consequence riding in both the streets and the backcountry earned him the ender of this compilation.

Walking up and down a long stairset to get into a bar seems like a liability.

With Volcom's unique approach of allowing the riders to produce their parts themselves made for a very eclectic viewing experience. Keep an eye out for a new IP2 edit dropping every other Monday right here on SnowboarderMag.com and check the flyer below to see when the Volcom crew might be premiering the project as a whole near you.

The guy to girl ratio is almost equal in this photo. A miracle at any snowboard event.

Zac Marben & Volcom filmer/TM Pat Barraza

NYC making an attempt to bring the word “shralp” back.

Van’s Larry Nunez & Radcollector’s Tim Brodhagen outside The Meatball shop… a must anytime you are in New York.

Christine Carelli apparently knows something you don’t know.

A small man in a giant hat. Matt Roberge.

Larry Nunez has to do special arm exercises every morning just to be able to wear that watch all day. Radcollector’s Brad Clark and a woman who’s name I should probably remember.

A woman walks into a bar and asks the bartender for a double entendre, so he gave it to her. Katherine Langlands and her lady friends.

Alex Nawrocky representing with his friend who’s head is apprently too heavy for her neck to hold up on it’s own.