Words & Photos : Jenna Klein

Like most people visiting this web site, I love snowboarding. I love snowboarding so much, I couldn't possibly let every entrant of Volcom's Peanut Butter Rail jam go snowboarding while I just stood there all day. Had I watched smiles happen all day around me, I'd been so drenched in misery I would have left before noon. That said, I got my laps done early and rushed back for finals, happy as everyone who made it through qualifiers.

Year after year the same thing is said, but the phrase still rings true. The kids are getting better. I'm not sure if mountain town children are being cross pollinated with a heavy serving of shredding and home school, but something sure is happening.  Youth division winner Brandon Davis laid down 270 on and offs, frontboards through the kink and a heavy dose of determination to grab the golden spot. Also displaying impressive moves were Drayden Gardner and Mark Mortenson, who nabbed second and third respectively. Keep your eye on these young ones, if you don't look down you may miss them.

The driver's license division also went off, as young men battled for the top title in 16 and over. These mid sized men stepped up with half-cab combinations on the big rail, aggressive maneuvers on the baby box and locked in backlips and frontboards through the kink. Stylish winner Zander Blackmon put down some squared up frontsides on the kink, 270's out of the flatbar and some rapid rotating moves on the box. Bear park cruiser Max Tanbara got himself a piece of the action with consistent moves all over while Robert Toste pressed into third. Look for the rest of these men to move up into Open next year and take on the big leagues.

[video_player video=”http://ondemand.snowboardermag.com/video/flv/snowboarder-100113-pbrj 2010-mobile rider.flv” /]

With team riders like Janna Meyen and Elena Hight it's no secret Volcom supports their women.  Pushing the limits in the name of estrogen was miniature marvel Maddie Mastro, Jamie Madrid and Indigo Monk. Though most of these girls are old enough to drive, Maddie is prohibited from PG-13 movies for another 4 years. Though that math spells out the word young, this tiny tot hit everything with style and control. Winner Jamie Madrid locked in some half cab 50-50's while second place Saori Nasu and third Mellissa Spillman put down some tricks of their own. With women completed, it was time for the big show; Open Mens.

The familiar faces in Open read something like Bear Mountain’s all-star team. Zak Hale put down clean tricks all day, but it was his front blunt 450 that solidified the win. Volcom's own Daniel Brown stole the Gooyest move title with a half-cab nosepress back one out on the kink and came in second overall for his moves, while Scott Vine put down textbook trickery to pull into third.

As always Volcom brought free treats for the taking, an epic bundle of prizes for the winners and all time announcing by Jeff Arnold. Volcom does it right, free food, free contests and a free invite to Volcom’s Peanut Butter and Rail Jam championships for the top 5 division winners. Check www.volcom.com to see where the Jam goes next.

Volcom Peanut Butter & Rail Jam Bear Mountain Results:

Open Mens
1. Zak Hale
2. Daniel Brown
3. Scott Vine
4. Ian Sams
5. Scott Hoffman

15 & Under
1. Brandon Davis
2. Drayden Gardner
3. Mark Mortenson
4. Patrick Fava
5. Jeremiah Belledin

16 & Over
1. Zander Blackmon
2. Max Tanbara
3. Robert Toste
4. Nate Sovich
5. Erik Leon

1. Jamie Madrid
2. Saori Nasu
3. Mellissa Spillman
4. Maddie Mastro
5. Indigo Monk