Volcom presents The Making of True To This – Episode 1: 20 Year Itch

Twenty years ago, Volcom emerged as a brand for those who felt most comfortable standing sideways, whether on streets, water, or snow. Two decades later, Volcom is still firmly planted as one of the most influential companies in boardsports. Specifically in snowboarding, Volcom’s heavy team and focus on projects that display their dedication and passion for the sport offer a plentiful contribution to the snow community. A Volcom Stone on a sweatshirt or topsheet readily communicates that the wearer is “not new to this, but true to this.” To celebrate the past two decades, Volcom has produced a film that honors their history, appropriately titled, True to ThisThe full movie will be released in March, but until then, enjoy the background of Volcom’s story: its co-founder Richard Wolcott, its riders the likes of Iguchi, Lynn, Haakonsen, Moore, Landvik, Brisse, Alito, Blum, Ravelson et all, and the dedication to snowboarding, skateboarding, and surfing of everyone involved. Presenting The Making of True to This: Episode 1 – 20 Year Itch.

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