The latest chapter of Volcom's #IP2 Series showcases the recent recipient of the "Best Frog" award at the 2012 Reels Film Festival, Arthur Longo. Many people know Longo from his 2010 Vancouver Olympic appearance, but outside the pipe this Frenchman has mad pow skills. In this part Longo drops dicey cornice lines, redirects onto frozen waves, FT stomps at least three tricks and chucks the biggest backside 180 caught on film this year. Joining Arthur in this edit are Markus Keller, Griffin Siebert, Johnny Lazzereschi, Marco Grigis, Marc Swoboda, Mike Rav and Luke Mitrani.

Arthur Longo #IP2 Mini-Interview

How was it filming for #IP2?
I actually didn’t film much with the boys last winter. Only two weeks with Jake, Gigi, and Curtis when they were working on the Real Snow thing here in Europe. It was fun hosting the Americans in Austria.

Who did you ride with this winter?
I rode a lot with Gigi. This one trip in Austria and a heli trip in AK. It’s been amazing to share those moments with a guy like him.

Whose #IP2 part are you most stoked to see?
Dylan’s, Curtis’s, Brisse’s…fuck, everyone’s

You ride contests and also find time to film in the backcountry. How do you balance that out so well?
I actually do bad at both so it’s quite easy so far, hahaha. Kidding, but I learned over the years that it’s really complicated to do well at both and I usually end up doing not so well at one or the other. I’m just a bad decision maker so I do everything I can and want at the same time. This next winter I want to focus more on pipe riding but I’ll for sure try to squeeze in an AK trip at some point.

What do you think of Nicolas Sarkozy?
I could deal with his wife.

What’s the sketchiest thing that happened to you in the backcountry this year?
No crazy stories but on my last day in AK there were only two of us left in the mountains with snowmobiles. Justin the cameraman and I, and when our landing slid on my first try I realized that it was really sketchy to be only two people out there with no signal if something happened.

Do French people bring wine into the backcountry because it compliments the cheese wedges you build so well?
I keep bringing bottles of Chateau Lafite while Scandos bring shitty table wine that we can only use to color the jump when it’s foggy.