Volcom’s highly-anticipated “Individually Produced Parts Project” (aka IP2) makes its debut with “Downtown” Daniel Brown’s first-ever full segment. IP2 is Volcom’s newest take on the snowboard film formula. Each IP2 episode features the same quality and quirks that made Veeco Films’ “Subjekt Haakonsen,” “The Garden” and “Alive We Ride” staples of shred cinephiles’ must-see lists. For IP2, the DVDs have been completely ditched in favor of wide release free over the internet. Starting with Daniel Brown’s full part, a new IP2 will be available every other Monday on snowboardermag.com with the Seth Huot and Cody Beiersdorf edits being released on September 17th. To watch all 10 of Volcom’s IP2 edits on the big screen, check out one of Volcom’s nine North American premiers which begins on September 21st at NYC’s Cakeshop. In the meantime, enjoy this edit and the insane riding of one of the IE’s most stylish son’s, Daniel Brown.