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Words & Interview: T. Bird

One rookie, one veteran, two video parts. In the last installation of Volcom's "IP2" video series, we brought you Cody Beiersdorf and Seth Huot. Though Cody is new to the video part world, Seth is not, and the two teamed up to share a one-of-a-kind experience last winter. Read on for a little insight from Seth and Cody and make sure you check out their full part below if you haven’t seen it already. You won't be disappointed.

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Seth Huot. Photo: Jeff Baker

Seth Huot Interview-

 How many video parts have you filmed in your pro career?

Lets see…"Represent," "Brainstorm," "Happy Hour," "Gen Pop," "Shakedown," "Chulksmack," "From___with Love," "Escramble," "Picture This," "Double

Decade," "Nice Try," "Cheers," Real Snow/"Good Look," and now this one

for "#IP2" and "E-gal Eye."

How was filming for IP2 different than your years filming with other crews?

Riding-wise it was totally different. I didn’t plan on filming a part at all. I went out only to ride features that gave me that irresistible feeling to hit, and just kind of let those features come to me. Mainly, I was helping organize and manage trips. I also operated the camera a lot too, which was cool. Back in the 16mm film years we (the riders) would run a digi cam in the streets so we could watch our clips on the spot so I have some camera experience.

Seth Huot IP2 2

Photo: Jeff Baker

What was it like to have a hand in directing and editing your own part?

It was kind of crazy! I had total freedom and no guidelines to follow, tons of experimenting, and learning processes. Before this I had little experience with Final Cut and zero with After Effects, so I just kept it simple. Being through it now really makes me appreciate all of the filmers/editors/directors that have spent countless hours logging, editing, and nit-picking my footage over the years making my video parts.

What was it like to work with an up-and-comer like Cody?

I heard about Cody from his 1817 part a couple years ago where he did a voiceover.  When I watched it I thought his style was amazing and his personality came off cool, super mellow, and very humble. With my changing roles and responsibilities at Volcom, I told them to check him out, and they were down, so I personally called him up and had a box sent out to get him going. Cody is a rad kid, I’m super hyped he is a part of IP2.

Seth Huot IP2 4

What did you set out to do in your IP2 part?

I wasn’t really planning on putting out a part but by the end of the season I was sitting on a stack of clips so I thought it would be cool to share a part with Cody and get him involved with IP2. He filmed all year with Bald E-Gal and I couldn’t just ask them to hand over all his clips to go in IP2 knowing how hard the year was for everybody and footage wasn’t easy to come by. I also didn’t want to re-hash the same footage in two separate edits, so I pitched the idea to Volcom and Bald E-Gal to put together a shared part with Cody that will go in both projects. I am hyped to be a part of both projects and how it all turned out.

Has your perspective as a video pro changed since you started spending as much time behind the camera as you have in front of it?

Not really. It's just about making most of the conditions we are dealt with and getting footage. As I get older I realize the fact that making the absolute most of opportunities and taking full advantage of good situations is key. This season I had a dream session on a backcountry jump with my two biggest heroes as a kid, Jamie Lynn and Bryan Iguchi. Fifteen years ago, if you were to say this was going to happen, I would have said, "Yeah right, you're high."

Photo: Jeff Baker

What was your most memorable trip of the winter?

The Giro trip to Arlberg, Austria was hands-down the best trip of my career. Everything was absolutely perfect. Also, the SNOWBOARDER trip to Japan for the Holy Bowly Scott Blum I and got to go on was one for the history books. That trip really grounded me and made me remember why I snowboard.

Whose IP2 parts are you most stoked to see when it comes out?

Every single one of them. I would like to thank everyone for working so hard from all aspects to bring this project to life.

Cody Beiersdorf. Photo: Command + Shift + 4

Cody Beiersdorf Interview

Where are you from, Cody?


Is this your first major video part?

Yeah it is. I have had parts in a few Bald E-Gal movies and the House of 1817 movie before though.

What was it like filming with other members of the Volcom team this winter?

It was really fun. It always takes some getting used to filming with different people but everyone clicked well and was motivated to get out and film. Unfortunately I was only able to get out on one trip with them and we basically got kicked out of town on the first day but we all made the best of it and got a few things done. We definitely ended the trip well with getting back into Minnesota and riding Hyland for a day.

Do you have one sketchy, funny, or outrageous story that happened to you while filming this winter?

This isn’t sketchy or really that crazy by any means but it was pretty sweet nonetheless. We took a two day trip to a random small town that none of us had been to. On the second day we were at a spot and a couple of kids were sledding on the hill right next to it. They were so excited about what we were doing that they went to get their dad to come watch, and then they started filming with their phones and made us all hot chocolate. Pretty soon after one of the kids grabbed their snowboards and starting hitting a jump they set up and we had a routine going so that we would watch one of them hit the jump and then one of us would hit the rail. It was just pretty sweet to have people get excited about what we were doing and not just pick up the phone and call the cops or come yell at us.

This one is pretty funny, though. Our friend Yusaku Horii was coming to Minnesota for a month to stay at the Signal house. The day he got into town there was no snow in Minnesota and Nebraska got a pretty good storm so we told him to just keep his bags packed and the next day we were heading there for a week.

Cody Beiersdorf. Photo: Command + Shift + 4

Talk about what it’s like to work with Seth Huot.

It's definitely crazy to be working with Seth and I am so happy to be doing it. He has been helping me out so much in the last year and always has good things to say. When I went out filming with him he was always down to help people get shots and was always motivating people no matter how long we would spend at a spot. It was pretty sweet to get him out to Hyland for his first time and actually get to just ride with him as well. I fully appreciate everything he has been doing for me and look forward to getting out and riding with him again.

What were you trying to convey in your IP2 part?

I was just trying to take advantage of whatever snow we had this year and go film things that I would be hyped on. I always end up back at a few spots I've hit before because I always think of different tricks to do on them and can't seem to get them out of my head until I just go give them a shot.

Overall, how do you feel the part turned out? Were you stoked on it when you first saw it?

I really like how the part turned out. Seth did a really good job putting it together. Being able to share a part with Seth is pretty rad so I'm definitely hyped on that.