Vote for Change—Upcoming State and Presidential Primaries

Recent events have brought the anger, pain and frustration fostered by centuries of systemic injustice, disenfranchisement and racism back to the forefront of American life. Once again, the murder of a black American has thrown communities from coast to coast into protest and civil unrest, and highlighted America’s lack of progress when it comes to inequality. It has also bolstered awareness and incited sobering assessment.

While our system of electoral politics is contentious, exercising one’s right to vote is a formidable tool available for effecting societal, political and institutional change. Following is a list of dates for upcoming state and presidential primaries, as well as links to assist with voter registration and turning out the vote.

Voter registration

State by state primary dates and information

This list from the American Bar Association links to a number of organizations with resources to help protect elections and turn out the vote.

Upcoming State and Presidential Primaries

June 9

Georgia (State and Presidential Primaries)
Nevada (State Primary)
South Carolina (State Primary)
North Dakota (State Primary)
West Virginia (State and Presidential Primaries)

June 23

Kentucky (State Primary)
Mississippi (State Runoff)
New York (State and Presidential Primaries)
North Carolina (State Runoff**)
South Carolina (State Runoff)
Virginia (State Primary*)

June 30

Colorado (State Primary)
Utah (State Primary)
Oklahoma (State Primary)

July 7

New Jersey (State and Presidential Primaries)
Delaware (Presidential)

July 11

Louisiana (Presidential)

July 14

Alabama (State Runoff)
Maine (State Primary)
Texas (State Runoff)

Aug. 4

Arizona (State Primary)
Kansas (State Primary)
Michigan (State Primary)
Missouri (State Primary)
Washington (State Primary)

August 6

Tennessee (State Primary)

August 8

Hawaii (State Primary)

August 11

Connecticut (State and Presidential Primaries)
Georgia (State Runoff)
Minnesota (State Primary)
South Dakota (State Runoff)
Vermont (State Primary)
Wisconsin (State Primary)

August 18

Alaska (State Primary)
Florida (State Primary)
Wyoming (State Primary)

August 25

Oklahoma (State Runoff)

September 1

Massachusetts (State Primary)

September 8

New Hampshire (State Primary)
Rhode Island (State Primary)

September 15

Delaware (State Primary)

November 3

Louisiana (State Primary)

December 4

Louisiana (State Runoff)

*No primary for state legislative seats in 2020.

**In certain circumstances, North Carolina may hold a second primary on either April 21 or May 12.

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