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SASS Session 2 Snowboard Podcast – Bariloche, Argentina from Snow Sessions on Vimeo.

South America Snow Sessions just wrapped up Session 2, marking the halfway point for one of the best seasons on record in for SASS and Cerro Catedral. Just as Session 2 clients were getting ready to leave, storm clouds rolled across the Andes, dumping nearly three feet of snow on Cerro Catedral! Session 3 campers were treated to an epic powder day on their first day at the hill, with more snow expected in the forecast this coming week. Session 2 shredders put together a sick podcast, highlighting the best South American backcountry jumps and powder. There’s still more to come! -South American Snow Sessions

SASS Girardi 0818

Photo: Ben Girardi

SASS Girardi 0845

Photo: Ben Girardi

SASS tree pow august

Photo: Thomas Tikos