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Staale Sandbech crippler on the Dream Feature.

Staale Sandbech crippler on the Dream Feature.

All Photos: Darcy Bacha

With all the action going on at summer camps these days, SNOWBOARDER Magazine decided that we would condense all of this content into a convenient weekly post for each different camp that we like to call, "White Hot American Summer." Ok, so we know not all the summer camps are in "America." Some are in Canada, some are in Argentina, but that's still North or South America right? Good enough for us. Check in every week for videos and photos from the places you wish you were. High alpine. Hard landings. Soft snow.

Jeff Rudinski Windells

Jeff Rudinski roastbeef on the pole jam

Windells Session 3 is a wrap, both up on the glacier and down in Welches. Lines have been shredded, the park has been lapped, and the campers have all flown home with goggle tans and warm, fuzzy memories.

Jonah Owen Windells

Jonah Owen is not camera shy.

And rightly so, it was an awesome week. The Rome Team hosted the session, with Laurent-Nicolas Paquin, Johnny Lazzareschi, Staale Sandbech and Johnnie Paxson representing the SDS. Some of the highlights: Staale got drenched in whipped cream when he was pied in the face by campers, LNP annihilated the Concrete Jungle on his skate, and the whole team put on the biggest game of knock-out that Windells has ever seen (even though it's snowboard camp, everyone loves knock-out).

 Laurent-Nicolas Paquin skated the Concrete Jungle most days until it was too dark to see your line. Backlip under the setting sun.

Laurent-Nicolas Paquin skated the Concrete Jungle most days until it was too dark to see your line. Backlip under the setting sun.

On hill, Johnnie Paxson found a giant tranny finder off of a wallride and was sending it clear past the bottom of the park into a cat track. The AcroBag was set up at the bottom of the pipe and rumor is, Trevor Jacob may have learned a couple of new doubles. Continuing his run of conquering every sport that exists, Trevor and Coach Austin Hironaka took bmx bikes to the top of the dry slope on campus and threw enormous backies into the other AcroBag.

Lukas liftline Windells

Lukas Wilson brought his bookbag on hill so he could teach the campers how to do a proper front five tail.

Johnny Lazz had this to say about the week, "Session 3 was sweet, shredding at Windells with the Rome team. I played a game of SHRED against LNP on the down bar in the park—let's just say it was pretty close, but you'll see who wins when the video comes out next season. I'm really excited for the next two sessions because it looks like it's going to be all sunny and I'm sure heavy hammers are going to go down."

Rome night windells

Stache'r Night with the Rome team, where LNP, Johnnie Paxson, Johnny Lazz and Staale Sandbech drew facial hair on all the campers.

Trevor group photo Windells

Trevor Jacob dub rodeo into the air bag over a plethora of onlooking campers.

Session 4 is up next with the Technine team. Check out for updates!