White Noise: Austen Sweetin


Austen Sweetin is really good at snowboarding. He’s also really good at skateboarding. In fact, we’re hard pressed to think of something Austen’s not really good at, and judging by his playlist of snowboard tunes, he’s got pretty good taste in music, too. From Sweetin’s upbringing on the slopes of Snoqualmie to his coming of age as a member of the seminal, late-aughts Forum team alongside Peter Line, John Jackson, and Pat Moore, to his current offerings as a team rider on YES Snowboards and Now Bindings, Austen has continually turned heads with his deep bag of tricks and fluid style, building consistent momentum each season. Last winter, Austen joined the ranks of the highly esteemed Absinthe crew for the next segment in a steady output of video parts that began in iconic Forum Snowboards releases like Vacation and F’ It. While Austen received early acclaim for his abilities on park jumps and street rails, he’s the kind of rider that easily handles any feature that’s put in front of him, big mountain or otherwise. Comparatively, if Austen Sweetin was a pop star instead of a very talented professional snowboarder, he would have had multiple gold records by now, with no signs of slowing down the hits, or on them, as the case may be. Austen’s humble though, because just like the rest of us, he puts his snowpants on one leg at time…and then hits massive jumps.

– Mary Walsh

Name: Austen Sweetin
Home Resort: Snoqualmie
Sponsors: Analog, Zeal, Yes, Now, Coal, ASS industries, Mimi’s Cookie Bar, Sno-Con

First Tracks (music that wakes you up): “Hounds of Love”, Kate Bush.

Pow Ballad (favorite song to ride pow to): “NightShift”, The Commodores or “One Fine Day”, The Chiffons.

Jib Jam (favorite song to jib to): “Sea Lion Goth Blues”, The Growlers.

Rock Ride (what song pumps you up the most during a session): “Sabbra Cadabra”, Black Sabbath.

Cool Down (what's your mellow post riding song): “There's Only One”, Graham Nash.

Pre Aprés (what do you listen to before you go out at night): “Devil is a Lie”, Rick Ross.

What is your favorite video part song of all-time? Peter Line in True Life“Mexican Radio”, Wall of Voodoo.

What video part song that you've used have you been most stoked on? “Get on the Way”, The Peace.

If you could be one rock star, who would it be? Rivers Cuomo of Weezer.

Simple Guilty Pleasures (what are you ashamed to admit you actually like):  Not ashamed to admit it, but I'm super down with the Beach Boys. Surfin USA is one my favorite albums.

Turn it Down (music you can't stand): Grateful Dead. I guess i just don't get it.

Turn it Off (worst song ever): I think I blacked that song out of my memory, because I can't remember.