White Noise: Darrell Mathes

Darrell Mathes is one of the most stylish riders in snowboarding. From Technine to Mack Dawg, and "Love/Hate" to "The Darkside," Darrel has brought his approach of good tricks done proper to the masses. He also seems to be someone who is always on to something when it comes to styles such as clothes, photography, and even his new Howl glove line. On the music side of things, Darrel's parts have always featured good music. I'd have to wonder over the years how many kids have ridden to "Bring" by The Spits from his famous opening part of "Love/Hate" pumping in their head. Here's some more of what Darrell is listening to.
-John Cavan

Name: Darrell Mathes
Home Resort: Mt. Hood Meadows, OR
Sponsors: Vans, Holden, WESC, Spy, HOWL, Active, Kicker,

First Tracks (Music that wakes you up)
Song: Don't You Forget It
Album: Allah-las
Artist: Allah-las
I like this song in the morning because it's mellow and easy-going while I slowly wake up and drink my coffee.

Don't You Forget It - Allah-Las

Pow Ballad (Favorite song to ride pow to)
Song: Seventeen
Album: Light and Magic
Artist: Ladytron
This song always puts me in a good vibe and I never get sick of it.

Seventeen - Light & Magic

Jib song (Favorite song to jib to)
Song: It's Good
Album: Tha Carter
Artist: Lil' Wayne
This song would always be playing in the van while we were driving to the jib spots and I remember this would get me stoked and hyped to jib.

It's Good (feat. Drake & Jadakiss) - Tha Carter IV (Deluxe Edition)

Rock Ride (What song pumps you up the most during a session?)
Song: Short Fuse
Artist: The Black Lips
Album: 200 Million Thousand-Rock
You can never go wrong with the Black Lips to get you fired up to hit something.
Short Fuse - 200 Million Thousand

R: Darrel Mathes P: E-Stone

Cool Down (What's your mellow post riding song)
Song: Heart Skipped a Beat
Artist: The XXXX
It's perfect driving music for those long hours were you can zone out and day dreamed as long as you want.

Heart Skipped a Beat - xx

Pre Aprés (What do you listen to before you go out at night?)
Song: Up All Night
Artist: Drake & Nicki Minaj
Album: Thank Me Later
Anything that has a heavy bass to it and more of a club/party song, although I usually go straight to a dive bar that has the complete opposite music. LOL

Up All Night - Thank Me Later

What is your favorite video part song of all time?
Song: Remember
Artist: The Shangri-las
Album: The Best of the Shangri-las
I really liked Louif Paradis' ender song in "Videograss." That song was different from other songs for a closing part and went really well with his style of riding.

Remember (Walkin' In the Sand) - The Very Best of The Shangri-Las

What video part song you've used have you been most stoked on?
Song: Burning Mirrors
Artist: The Lumerians
Album: Transmalinnia
I'm stoked on my last part, which was in Videograss's "The Darkside." I remember Mark Dangler finding this song for me and I new instantly this song was going to work for my part.

Burning Mirrors - Transmalinnia

R: Darrel Mathes P: E-Stone

If you could be one rock star who would it be?
I think it would be cool to be somebody like Bob Dylan back in his prime. Late 60s/early 70s where you could jam out with other amazing artist during that time.

Simply Guilty Pleasures (What are you ashamed to admit you actually like)
I'm kinda down for Die Antwoord. I went to their concert and it was fucking amazing and highly entertaining to watch.

Die Antwoord

Turn it Down (Music you can't stand)
Cant do new-age country. I like the old school country but the new stuff is such garbage and has horrible lyrics

Turn it off (Worst song ever? Please explain)
I can't stand Red Solo Cup. It kills me every time I hear that song.

Red Solo Cup - Clancy's Tavern (Deluxe Edition)