Jake Olson-Elm shreds to the beat of his own drummer. The House Of 1817 shredder is known for his laid-back rock-n-roll style as well as his "No worries" approach to life. We caught up with Jake to see what he listens to while riding.

Name: Jake Olson-Elm
Home: Resort Hyland Hills, MN
Sponsors: Signal Snowboards, Quiksilver, Celsius, Elm, Stance, Howl, House of 1817, Ashbury, The Youth Shelter Supply, 7/9/13

First Tracks (Music That Wakes You up.)
"Pocahontas" by Johnny Cash (Unearthed Disc 2).

"Redemption Song" by Johnny Cash with Joe Strummer (Unearthed Disc 3). I’m just on a Johnny Cash binge right now and I’m stoked on these songs.

Pow Ballad: (Favorite song to ride Pow to)
"Brown-eyed Woman" (live in Denmark) by The Grateful Dead, (Europe ’72 Live)
Such a mellow tune to cruise to.

Brown-Eyed Woman (Live In Denmark) - Europe '72 (Live) [Remastered]

Jib song (Favorite song to jib to)
"Skulls" by The Misfits (Walk Among Us).
It's fast!!!

Skulls - Walk Among Us

Rock Ride (What song pumps you up the most during a session?)
"Sympathy for the Devil" by The Rolling Stones (Beggar's Banquet).

Sympathy for the Devil - Beggars Banquet

or (Non, Je Ne Regret Rein) by Èdith Piaf

Non, je ne regrette rien - Édith Piaf : 30e Anniversaire (double album)

Cool Down (what's your mellow post riding song)
"Le Moulin" by Yann Tiersen (Amelie From Montmartre).

Le moulin - Amélie (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture)

Pre Aprés (What do you listen to before you go out at night?)
"With a Little Help From my Friends" by Joe Cocker (Live at 1969 Woodstock).

or "How Long Can Punk Get?" by Bad brains (Black Dots)

How Low Can a Punk Get? - Black Dots

What is your favorite video part song of all time ?
"Hurdy Gurdy Man" by Donovan (Hurdy Gurdy Man)

Hurdy Gurdy Man - Hurdy Gurdy Man

What video part song you've used have you been most stoked on?
"Piece of my Heart" Big Brother & the Holding Company (Janis Joplin) (Cheap Thrills)

Piece of My Heart - Cheap Thrills

If you could be one rock star who would it be?
Van Morrison. He has the coolest voice and seems like a pimp!

Simply guilty pleasures (What are you ashamed to admit you actually like)
"I Kissed a Girl" by Katy Perry (MTV Unplugged)

I Kissed a Girl (Live) - MTV Unplugged: Katy Perry
Turn it down (Music you can't stand, explain)
The music they play at wack bars and it's so loud you can’t talk. That sucks.

Turn it off (Worst song ever? Please explain)
Ha. If it was the worst song ever I wouldn’t remember it, but just for kicks I’ll say Rebecca Black's "Friday."

Friday - Friday - Single