Jess Kimura is one of the most bad ass snowboarders in the world today. Whether she's in the streets or in the backcountry Jess is riding full speed and not afraid to hit whatever is put in front of her. Take a listen to what Jess is listening to while she's shredding in this week's "White Noise" column.

Name: Jess Kimura
Home Resort: My backyard
Sponsors: Volcom, Electric, Nike, Capita, Union, Coal, Celtek, Monster

First Tracks (Music That Wakes You up.)
Kick in the Door – Biggie – from Life After Death

Kick In the Door - Life After Death

POW Ballad: (Favorite song to ride Pow to)
Girl With One Eye – Florence & The Machine – from Lungs

Girl With One Eye - Lungs

R: Jess Kimura P: Oli Gagnon

JIB song (Favorite song to jib to)
Don't Drag me Down – Social Distortion – from White Light White Heat White Trash

Don't Drag Me Down - White Light White Heat White Trash

Rock Ride (What song pumps you up the most during a session)
Whats The Difference – Dr. Dre – from Chronic 2001

What's the Difference - 2001

Cool Down (what's your mellow post riding song)
Hell or High Water – William Elliott Whitmore – from Animals in the Dark

Hell or High Water - Animals In the Dark

R: Jess Kimura P: Oli Gagnon

Pre Apres (What do you listen to before you go out at night)
Voodoo Child – Jimi Hendrix – from Electric Ladyland

Voodoo Child (Slight Return) - Electric Ladyland

What is your favorite video part song of all time?
Living in Exile – Blood for Blood – from Living in Exile

Livin In Exile - Livin' In Exile

What video part song you've used Have you been most stoked on?
Got Yourself a Gun – Nas – from Stillmatic….it was in a local video that my friend Troy made a bunch of years back

If you could be one rock star who would it be?
Janis Joplin…she was bad ass

Simply Guilty pleasures (What are you ashamed to admit you actually like)
Anything I listen to when I go to the gym…Lots of Eminem but I'm not THAT ashamed haha


Turn it down (Music you can't stand)
Country Pop music

Turn it off (Worst song ever?)
Tic Toc by Kesha…don't need much of an explanation if you just listen to the song

Tik Tok - Animal