The past season was a big one for Jonah Owen. A new board sponsor, a new video part, and a new chapter in his snowboarding story. It’s apparent that Jonah’s persistence is paying off and the skills that he has displayed over the years in the streets are allowing him to make decisive calls on how he wants to spend his time when strapped in. As we near the 2013 edition of Hot Dawgs and Handrails, when this time last year Jonah’s early season win set the pace for his banner winter, we tapped him to fill us in on the songs that are his current snowboarding soundtrack. – Mary Walsh

Name: Jonah Owen
Home Resort: Mt. Bachelor
Sponsors: Rome Snowboards, Electric Visual, Quiksilver, Crooks n’ Castle, shrd.com, mypackage

p: T. Bird

p: T. Bird

First Tracks (music that wakes you up): Whatever playlist I had mashed together recently…

Pow Ballad (favorite song to ride pow to): Lynyrd Skynyrd, “Simple Man”, and any Led Zeppelin.
Lynyrd Skynyrd
Led Zeppelin

Jib Jam (favorite song to jib to): Mazzy Star, “Fade into You”.
Mazzy Star

p: E-Stone

p: E-Stone

Rock Ride (what song pumps you up the most during a session): Any Rihanna.

Cool Down (what's your mellow post riding song): Lana Del Ray.
Lana Del Ray

Pre Aprés (what do you listen to before you go out at night): Kid Cudi.
Kid Cudi

What is your favorite video part song of all-time? Ludacris – Justin Bennee and Matty Ryan in “Burning Bridges”, that song matched the footage perfectly and is one of the most influential parts in my eyes.

What video part song that you've used have you been most stoked on? Stevie Wonder, “Uptight” in “Hard to Earn”. It was different then most video part songs and I thought it worked nicely.

If you could be one rock star, who would it be? One that didn’t overdose!

Simple Guilty Pleasures (what are you ashamed to admit you actually like): Carrie Underwood.
Carrie Underwood

p: Mike Yoshida

p: Mike Yoshida

Turn it Down (music you can't stand): Boy bands.

Turn it Off (worst song ever): Shop Boys, “Party Like a Rock Star”.