words and photos: Gill Montgomery

The first camera to successfully produce an image was built in 1816 by Nicephore Niepce and the image eventually faded away, never to be seen again due to a chemical reaction on the paper to the sun's light. Fast forward to Windells Session 4 and July 2015, a time in which 40 million photos are posted to Instagram every day and images can rack up 1,000 comments per second. The Neff #TeamTakeover athletes are no strangers to the fast-paced stride of social media these days and their riding is equally equivalent in speed. Tim Humphreys and Dylan Thompson could be seen ripping around the Windells park showing off the newest in tiny camera technology in addition to their trick ability.

Campers, staff and invited pros were all equally excited to relish in the constant battle between the summer sun and the glacier, making for a one-of-a-kind environment to create some unforgettable days. With the park starting off with a big berm snake run, flat-down rail, close-out tubes, and a wall of multiple quarterpipes built to channel surf vibes, creativeness was at an all time high. We can't wait for you to get out here! It's sunny and sick! There’s still limited availability for the last sessions of summer! Check out the Windells dates and prices and get to Mount Hood!