It’s the end of July and the crew up north in Oregon is spending their summer wisely in the Windells park on Mount Hood. During Session 4, Dylan Thompson, Tim Humphreys, and Scotty Lago headed to Windells Camp for the Neff Takeover Session. When they arrived, they found a transition and tube-filled park ready for lapping. The Diggers have the set up on point and the Neff crew, alongside Erik Overson, Jon Overson, Nirvana Ortanez, Danika Duffy, Max Lyons, Justus Hines, Ian Daly, Nick Joy, Mike Skiba, Jay Stellato, Chris Front, Nial Romanek, Jeff Hopkins, Cody Lee, Kaleah Opal Driscoll, Kyle Kennedy, Jesse Paul, and Tucker Speer found plenty to do in The Funnest Place on Earth. Enjoy the Windells Session 4 edit and stay tuned, there’s still two more session videos to go before summer is over!

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