words and photos: Gill Montgomery

As the summer is seeing its rocky end, snow enthusiasts repent that it is actually near and continue to RIP it on Mount Hood's icy glacier. During Session 5 at Windells, GoPro shipped out their very own Tim Humphreys for the Team Takeover session. Tim could be seen on the summertime slush capturing every moment from every angle known to mankind with his excessively large Gopro stick. We hear these also come in handy to fend off bothersome drones coming in to steal your shots. For Session 5 ,the snowcat wizards whipped up a massive snake run complete with three jumps. The rail line, hip at the exit of the park and the jumpline are doing their jobs of hurling campers and staff through the air to quench their thirst for awesome summer thrills.

Stay tuned for the Session 5 video and plenty more summer boarding because there’s one more session left of summer 2015!