The second to last session of summer 2015 went bananas at Windells. The Windells Diggers have crafted creative lanes for campers, staff, and visiting riders to session and lap and over the past week, the crew at Hood has been sending it before the snow melts away and the timer buzzes on the volcano’s warm season. While tranny finders, gaps, dual flipping, rail trickery and creative use of the melted Bagjump takeoff-turned-micro-mini qp are plentiful in the Session 5 video, the end has a few bonus bangers of a different variety, including the rarely seen UFO. Make sure to watch from start to finish to see the collective goodness from Tucker Speer, Kyle Kennedy, Max Tokunaga, Jake Kuzyk, Danimals, Erik Overson, Bryden Bowley, Jill Perkins, Cody Lee, Justus Hines, Tony Wagner, Trevor Tollefson, Max Hase, Chris Frost, and Jesse Paul–this one doesn’t disappoint with its combination of more than decent tricks and the good times on hill that go down when snowboarding in the summer at The Funnest Place on Earth.

Check out photos from Windells Session 5 2015.