words: Gill Montgomery

If you have ever been lucky enough to make the journey to the glacier on Mount Hood between the months of June and August, you know there really is no other place like it. Yes, the snow gets a little dirty, and yes, your boots will never smell the same, but you are getting to do what only a handful of people are able to do south of Canada and north of the equator. The creativity that can be seen on this little patch of snow is enough to make you just want to do a backflip.

The summer of 2015 at Windells has been home to so many summer shred stories and adventures, providing staff members and campers with both an entire park to zoom through, or a rock that can turn into the most fun feature you've hit all season. During Session 6, campers were able to rip around with invited team riders including iNi's Jeff Hopkins, Nial Romanek, and Jeremy Cloutier. These three were the definition of “getting out and shredding with your friends,” stopping only for sandwiches, and continuously keeping the RIP on high. Not to mention getting to see Nial put some traffic safety cones to the test by doing some highly unsafe maneuvers over them in the world premiere of Think Thank's Methods of Prediction.

This summer was truly one for the books and thank you for everyone coming out to be a part of it at Windells!