Winter X Games: Real Snow 2013 videos

Ethan Deiss

After putting down heat in Burton's latest release, "13", Ethan was a no-brainer to add to the already heavyweight list of Real Snow contenders. His technical approach to the contest will no doubt leave viewers scrolling back to rewatch tricks, like his frontside 270 to 270 out over a fence to rail; his large flat to gaps on kinks; as well as two creative approaches to backside wallride gap to redirects. Ethan shuts down the edit with a large frontside-360-gap-over-a-fence-to-electrical-box-bash-180-out that will leave little doubt that he's arrived as one of the top jibbers in the world today.

Eero Ettala

Although a newcomer to Real Snow, Eero Ettala is a snowboard legend who has literally taken the Real Snow approach to filming his entire career. Using the Finnish city of Helsinki as his own private snowboard park, Eero puts down hammers like his large backside 180 to wallride on a stone monument; a nosepress to front flip; and one of the most technical tricks of the entire Real Snow contest, a half cab step up to 5-0 to frontside boardslide on an up-flat-down stairset. Eero switch backside 270 gaps the famous Helsinki canal, as well as a hardway 270 and a gap to frontboard on two huge kinks. He then reminds us that he can do it all, as he double backflips a Helsinki skatepark to close the edit down.

Bode Merrill

The cosmo-chugging, one-foot-chucking, former World Quarterpipe Champion once again produces a stunner. Bode's fillers are other riders' enders, as he does a boardslide to boardslide up-rail gap; agro flat-down to curved kink; one-foot fence gap; light post miller flip; two story tailslide 270 out—sans tail; and waterslide-slide to redirect drop-down that brings new meaning to the term, "liquid courage". Either way, after seeing this edit, the next round is on us, regardless of how fruity the libation may be.

Dan Brisse

To put it simply, Brisse equals bigger. No other rider in the street game today so clearly strives to push jibbing on the grandest scale possible. While others measure their feats by feet, Brisse does it in stories. His first trick is a switch frontboard to 450 out on a triple overhead roof rail. The next shot is a 50-50 to backside 360 from ten feet higher! Similar size is engaged on Brisse's wallride barrage, which includes both frontside and backside bangers. Then, there are gaps galore, including a backside 180 over a cement staircase; an alley-oop roof-to-roof tranny-finder; and a tow-in backside rodeo to front board on a dump truck! After a few more choice jibs, Dan ends the edit with a switch frontboard to 270 out off of an abandoned bridge!

Jeremy Jones

The elder statesman of the Real Snow set, Jeremy Jones, continues to be the old dog teaching the young pups a few new tricks. From his opening one-footer to boardslide, Jones never lets up with a display of new age, urban riding that is sure to be imitated in next fall's full part parade. Jeremy's redirect to re-entry trickery defies inertia and easily earns his knee joints MVP status. Various other fastplant, handplant, crippler and bridge support stunts even out the show, while a classic late backside 180 step up fills the style quotient of Jeremy's next level clip parade.

Frank April

With Frank April, another Quebecois crusher has emerged as a jibber du jour. As a part of the Déjà Vu vanguard, proper trick execution is to be expected from April. To that end, Frank's Real Snow debut is no exception. In addition to a steady stream of technical moves, April serves up a few unexpected stunts that set him apart from the pack, including a boardslide alley-oop gap to wallride; 50-50 backflip to boardslide; boardslide gap down to boardslide; and an exaggerated two-story wallslide to fakie!

Louis-Felix Paradis

If any fault can be found with Louif Paradis, it is that he makes everything look too easy. In turn, it is impossible to broadcast just how gnarly his trick regimen truly is. Backside 50-50 to frontside 50-50; nollie backside wallride; drop to nose and tailslide; and wallie to melon-grab-barrel-roll are all remarkable moves, but two tricks define this Real Snow submission. The first is the ultra-aesthetic backside japandrecht rainbow slide, which could be the most eye-pleasing shot of the whole 2013 Real Snow event, and a hardway cab 270 to frontboard on a 30+ stair, which is easily the most talked about trick of any edit amongst the pro community.

Pat Moore

2012 Real Snow podium finisher Pat Moore returns, bringing hesh to the sesh with his "Live Free Or Die" brand of badass boardin'. Pat starts his latest Real Snow showcase with a frontboard popover to two story drop and from there continues to destroy one setup after another. Large gap 270's to down rails, and wallride re-entry's have become staples of every Pat Moore part, while new moves like a wall-smash to boardslide re-entry; frontside 540 unit handplant; and tailslide 270 to three story drop testify to his ever-growing bag of tricks. That said, it is the ender of this edit, the fluid alley-oop to two story wallride, that epitomizes Pat's clean, creative, aggressive, and consequential approach to snowboarding.