It’s a springtime Minnesota invasion at Boreal when Boody, Craig Cameron, Jake OE, Brady Lem and Tommy Gesme storm the Woodward Tahoe park to take advantage of slushy snow and sunny skies. These kingly gentlemen posses ample amounts of smooth Midwestern style and they put it down in the Woodward park alongside a bevy of folks who were in town to share in the spring shred. Party boarding was in full effect at this North Lake bastion of boarding as Keegan Valaika, Ben Bilodeau, Jacob Krugmire, Keenan Cawley, Louif Paradis, Christian Connors, and Colin Wilson were in the mix, offering up plenty of reasons why Boreal is the place to be regardless of time of year. Enjoy the final Dawn ‘Till Dusk of the season, but don’t worry, Woodward Tahoe is up and running beginning on June 12th, so stay tuned for plenty more from the parks at Boreal. There’s still time to register for summer snowboard camp, too. Check out Woodward Tahoe dates and prices.