Woodward Tahoe—Week 1 Summer Snowboard Camp Highlights

It is easy for us to have fond memories of summer camp because all of us at SNOWBOARDER Mag just got back from Woodward Tahoe last week. Lapping with old friends and new, the week was so nice that we recapped it twice. Above is a video made by Blake Kehoe, and below is the Woodward Tahoe recap from Trevor Slattery.

For a brief explanation, SNOWBOARDER Magazine took over Week 1 at Woodward Tahoe and it was quite the time. A week of perfect weather, snowboarding, skating, and hanging, we can’t wait to go back. Featuring a double take of Desiree Melancon, Pat Moore, Scott Blum, Justin Keniston, Stefi Luxton, Mike Ravelson, Danny Davis, Nate Haust, Hans Mindnich, Keegan Hosefros, Casey Savage, Matt Shaffer, Lane Knaack, Christian Connors, Nick Geisen, Jesse Gomez, Drayden Gardner, Mizzyl and more! Enjoy!

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