The World Premiere of Vans Snowboarding’s LANDLINE.—Denver, CO Photo Recap

A line on land for the premiere of LANDLINE. p: Yosh
Another line, this time of the cast introducing the movie, at the premiere of LANDLINE. p: Yosh
Arthur Longo wore lines on his shirt for the premiere of LANDLINE. p: Yosh
Do you think any of these people own a landline? Dillon Ojo, Jake Kuzyk, Cierra Xavier, and Zak Marben. p: Yosh
There is a creepy figure on the screen this photo, you can decide which one we are talking about. Pat Moore. p: Yosh
Zak Marben, Jake Price, and Danimals. p: Yosh
Not the best cell reception at the LANDLINE. premiere. p: Yosh
LANDLINE. Director Tanner Pendleton and Tanner Pendleton's Director, his dad. p: Yosh
#MikeBogsForRookieOfTheYear2019. Parker Szumowski and Blake Paul. p: Yosh
Tanner Pendleton, Mike Rav, Jamie Lynn, and Jake Price. p: Yosh
But his part was fire. Mike Rav. p: Yosh
This photo is jacked. Cole Navin. p: Yosh
Cody Rosenthal and Sam Taxwood. p: Yosh
Dinosaur JR is a very appropriate name. p: Yosh

The World Premiere of Vans Snowboarding’s LANDLINE.—Denver, CO

Last night, THE movie that the snowboard world has been collectively holding its breath for finally dropped, and countless jaws in the room dropped with it. To a packed house at the Ogden Theatre in downtown Denver, the insanely talented cast and crew of Vans’ first ever team movie, LANDLINE., premiered their film for the world to see. And without giving too much away before you, our audience, has a chance to see it, we will just leave this link here so you can watch for yourself (LANDLINE. is on iTunes now!)... and will now continue on about the night.

Tough cell reception at the LANDLINE. premiere. p: Yosh


Starting a little after 7:00pm, Vans Snow Global Brand Manager Kevin Casillo led a panel discussion on the making of the two-year project with LANDLINE. director Tanner Pendelton, Kodak’s President of Motion Picture and Entertainment Steve Bellamy, Principal Cinematographers Jake Price and Harry Hagan, as well as Vans riders Jake Kuzyk and Darrell Mathes. Tanner opened up the discussion by talking about the movies direction, saying, “I think first and foremost, it was about making a snowboard movie for snowboarders… capturing the in between moments, not necessarily just the cool tricks, but the moments that make snowboarders hyped to be snowboarders.” If that was the main goal, consider this project a knockout. It is an authentic and natural look at snowboarding through the lens of some of the most celebrated filmmakers of our time. Not to mention the multi-talented cast of riders that make up the Vans Snowboarding team.

Despite what you may think about a panel discussion, they did not talk about the floors. p: Clavin

Each part was completely unique to the rider, yet a collective piece of the overall movie. It would be an easy watch to even those not fluent in snowboarding, due to Tanner and the crew’s articulate approach to the overall feel and rhythm. Whether it was the soundtrack or the riding, the energy captured on screen kept everyone’s eyes wide open, waiting for the next clip for the full 50+ minutes. We will spare you from a part to part breakdown in this review, giving you time to find the opener and the ender yourself, but the riding in this movie is absolutely mental. From Arthur Longo to Wolle Nyvelt, and all of the names in between, the burly spots, beautiful lines, tech enders, and just pedal-to-the-floor riding was certifiably psychotic. Standout parts for us were definitely Cole Navin, Jake Kuzyk, Sam Taxwood, Dillon Ojo, Mike Rav, Pat Moore, Blake Paul, Bryan Iguchi, Jamie Lynn, Darrel Mathes, Chris Roach, Danimals, Arthur Longo, and Wolle Nyvelt, in no particular order (otherwise stated as the entire damn movie).

The cast of LANDLINE. p: Yosh

The other major benefit of the attending the world premiere besides watching the movie, is that most of the riders and crew are there to celebrate their project. And celebrate we did. Dinosaur JR. took the stage after the premiere for an ear-melting session worthy of a nod from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and the definite over-capacity venue turned into quite the party. No chandeliers were harmed in the making of this premiere, but we didn’t see how the surrounding bars held up after the crowd poured into the street. Huge thanks to the Ogden Theatre for putting up with us for most of the night, the House of Vans for hosting such a rad premiere, and of course Vans and everyone involved in making the movie for releasing LANDLINE. to the world. We can’t wait to watch it again. WATCH LANDLINE. NOW! AVAILABLE ON ITUNES!

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