We felt strongly that the intro provided by WYPY for their sixteenth edit, in which Jackson Hole prodigal son and auteur Blake Paul aka B Proddi took over the airwaves and editing bay, summed up this video nicely.

The year is 2020… and the systems… well they’ve all been hacked by extraterrestrials (their most notable features… their enlarged estranged phalanges). The mainframe is defunked and sparking, causing intermittent fires throughout the west making for unusual weather patterns. Our trusty team of snake scientists are the only beings remaining and their one goal…to realign the stones in a way that will let the light back in. Can they do it? I don’t know, maybe ask Forest Bailey or Blake Paul or Mikey Marohn or Cam Walters or Wade Dunstan or Chuck T. (he might know) or Mark Dunstan or Anders Berling or Andy Skinner or Aidan Meiners or John Rodosky.

The End

This has been a guest edit by B Proddi Productions
Directed by Blake Paul and Wade Dunstan
Filmed by Wade Dunstan and others
Also Filmed by Blake Paul
Edited by Blake Paul
Produced by Wade Dunstan Blake Paul and WYPY
Executive Producer: Blake Paul
Art Direction: Blake Paul
Music Supervision: Blake Paul
Creative: Blake Paul
Sound: Blake Paul
Gaffer: Blake Paul
Main Grip: Blake Paul
Coloring: Blake Paul
Special Effects: Blake Paul
Titling: Blake Paul
Costumes: Blake Paul
Makeup: Blake Paul
Location Scout: Blake Paul
Intern: Blake Paul
Post Production: Blake Paul
Stunt Coordinator: Blake Paul
Craft Services: Blake Paul
Special Thanks to Blake Paul