Winter X Games 15 Slopestyle Results: Toutant, McMorris, and Flanagan Clean Up
The three Winter X Games 15 medalists doing triple backside rodeo 10's at SNOWBOARDER Magazine's The Launch in April of 2010. R: L. Tyler Flanagan. Mark McMorris R. Sebastien Toutant P: Huggy

You might look at the photo above and be a little confused. No, that isn’t the X-Games, or Aspen for that matter. But it is a photo of the 3 winner’s of the Witner X Games 15 Men’s Slopestyle at SNOWBOARDER Magazine’s The Launch last year. Coincidence? Congrats to Sebastien Toutant for first, Mark McMorris with second, and Tyler Flanagan walking away with third. The three youngest riders in the competition walked away with the medals. Stay tuned tomorrow for a full write-up, photos, and video from the event. To hold you over check out the video below from The Launch where these three medalists throw backside rodeo 10’s together.

Winter X Games 15 Men’s Slopestyle Results:
1. Sebastien Toutant
2. Mark McMorris
3. Tyler Flanagan
4. Chas Guldemond
5. Mikkel Bang
6. Torstein Horgmo
7. Halldor Helgason
8. Eric Willett

Sebastian Toutant’s run:

Mark McMorris’ run:

Tyler Flanagan’s run:


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