Once again the Yawgoons have birthed the improbable on Rhode Island’s hallowed hill. Dylan Gamache, Marcus Rand, and Brian Skorupski meet Rhode Island’s dwindling snowpack with their signature ability to create striking novelties in any situation. With this edit is another iteration of a manifesto that is taking hold in boots, bindings, and brains throughout the snowscape. It’s the message that the Yawgoons subliminally convey with all of their endeavors: guts, willpower, and workaday obstacles are all that is needed (we imagine being abnormally coordinated helps, too) to produce some of the most stunning snowboarding currently being done. It’s simplicity and imagination intersecting at an extra-raw junction. The Yawgoons have it on lock.

Filming and editing by Dr. B.
Additional Filming by Marcus Rand, Brent McCarron, Mike Page, and Paul Danchak.