It’s a Saturday night special direct from the Yawgoons with a new collection of Marcus Rand’s footage from the 2014-15 winter. Marcus is a purveyor of and enigmatic, yet classic style, with a brand of snowboarding that is equally at home on steep and kinked steel as well as smooth transition. While his tricks in the streets are impressive in their own right, it’s Marcus’ insane board control, as witnessed at 1:44 in the above video, that further makes us tune in immediately every time Dr. B drops new footage of this Rhode Island native. Marcus’ 2015 winter was a good one and his summer trips to Whistler and Hood followed suit. We can’t wait to see where his momentum takes him in 2016.

Cameo by Dylan Gamache.
Filmed by Dr. B, Jeff Heit, Mark Dangler, Tanner Pendleton, Matt Roberge, Ian Post, Mark Resnikov, Dykeboy, Paul Osbourne. Edited by Dr. B.