Zac Marben at Superpark 16. Photo: Mike Yoshida

What did you set out to accomplish with your “IP2” part?

I wanted to do something different than years before. Unfortunately, the snow year wasn’t the greatest, and it was a little hard to get it good.

Did you have a certain vision in mind before it was edited? If so, do you feel that it was achieved?

I wanted it to be fast and kind of punk since I didn't get a lot if footage for the part. Jake Price did a good job editing it.

Who else did you ride with this winter?

I rode with Seth Huot, Dylan Alito, Curtis Ciszek, Bryan Iguchi, and Jaime Lynn. It was a good time cruising with those guys.

Where is the majority of your footage filmed?

Jackson Hole, Wyoming and Denver.

Whose "IP2" part are you most stoked on?

I like Daniel Brown's part a lot.

What inspired your urban handplant initiative? When was the first time you tried one?

I've always been down for handplants. I learned how to do them on the ground years back. I guess once I did that first handplant off the cliff in People Film's "Nice Try" I figured I could do it on anything. The urban plants brings something different to the table.

If you could say one thing to a kid from the Midwest who wants to be a pro snowboarder, what would you tell them?

Ride everyday that you can! Learn as many tricks as you can. Have fun with your friends and push each other. Let your riding speak for you.

What are your plans for next winter?

I plan on filming with the Videograss crew. I want to really push myself since my "IP2" part wasn't the best part I've had. I want to travel a bunch and have a good time.

What's the craziest piece of art you've made in the last few months?

I’ve been working on some new trippy stuff. I’m not sure what the craziest is.

Lastly, if you could sum up your "IP2" part in three words, what would they be?

It was fun.