Knock On Metal: Videograss Photo Extras

alex beebe 5-0 oli gagnon
Alex Cantin boardslide 50-50
alex cantin cab270 frontboard oli gagnon
Ben Bilocq bluntslide melon
ben bilocq nosepress oli gagnon
dan migno backlip oli gagnon
frank april switch backside 50-50 oli gagnon
frank april switch backside boardslide
louif paradis boardslide oli gagnon
max legend nollie frontboard oli gagnon
will lavigne half cab switch 5-0 oli gagnon

Photos: Oli Gagnon

By now, the noise surrounding Videograss has been heard coast to coast loud and clear. Though months of work went down to collect clips for the film, SNOWBOARDER senior photographer Oli Gagnon headed to Toronto to secure some shots of Alex Beebe, Laurent Nicolas Paquin, Will Lavigne, Louif Paradis, Max Legend, Ben Bilocq, Alex Cantin and Frank April. To see the dirty details of what went down on the trip, check the November issue with a hand scribed story by none other than Oli Gagnon himself.

Scotty Lago, Cerro Catedral, Argentina. Photo: Aaron Dodds

Knock on Metal was originally published in the November 2009 issue.


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