Nothing feels better than dialing in a new kit. From boots to beanies, every choice contributes to the comfort of your shred experience, which is why we at SNOWBOARDER have provided you with an easy guide to gear this season. We've taken the goods from our Buyer's Guide issues and assembled them here on the world wide web for your online convenience.

Advancements in outerwear have led to better looking garments that no longer sacrifice function for flare. Pants and jackets are now available in various colors and sizes to suit all tastes whether you want to stay hood or get hip. Those looking to ride more rugged areas of the mountain should veer towards technically constructed garments with high levels of waterproofing, rip-stop materials and taped seams. Geographic's play a significant role in what to wear, so don't underestimate the climate when picking out your kit. guide

After getting your outfit in check, the time will come to pick the core elements of your setup: Board, boots and bindings. Depending on your preferred terrain, freestyle, freeride or powder specific sticks should be chosen to suit your needs. Riders will find everything they need in our boards section, ranging from flexy jib sticks, powder boats and reverse camber selections. A properly fitting boot will send enjoyment through your board and bindings resulting in perfect turns and tweaks all winter long, so don't slack on picking out the proper pair. Remember to conduct your own research and ask questions before purchasing. After all, these newly acquired goods will be your tools for the season.

Herein lie the belongings to behold for the 2010 season, so grab a pen and take notes on what you plan to cop this winter.

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