GNU B-Pro Woman's Snowboard

GNU B-Pro Woman's Snowboard

GNU B-Pro Woman’s Snowboard


'' Barrett's Power Freestyle-Freeride
'' C2BTX Banana camber combo
w/ Magne-Traction
'' Twin Geometries
'' Beans Bio Polymer snakeskin
'' Mervin AG2 Sustainable Woodcore


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GNU B-Pro BTX Banana Rocker Snowboard – Women’s 2010: Barrett Christy's power freestyle-freeride Banana Camber combo special. Coke and fries unfortunately not included, the B-Pro BTX is a rockered directional twin built for all-mountain shedability. Barrett will donate a portion of all sales from the B-Pro series to Boarding for Breast Cancer, so bust open your piggy bank and go bananas!

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