K2 Agogo Woman's Snowboard Binding

K2 Agogo Woman's Snowboard Binding

K2 Agogo Woman’s Snowboard Binding


'' K2 Auto Technology
'' Harshmellow™ Footbed with Canting
'' Airlace Highback
'' Women's Custom Caddy Ankle Strap
'' Airlite EZ Feed Aluminum Ratchets
'' Hinge Mount Too-Less Ankle Strap


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L.L. Agogo is in the hizhouse. Sleek and chic the Agogo bindings by K2 ooze more style than P.Diddy. The Airlace highback is designed for a women’s specific fit with the top flair and asymmetrical shaping to match your natural stance for reduced fatigue. It syncs up perfectly with the auto A-Line Chassis that was dialed in flawlessly for a female riders flex and offers the Harshmellow dampening to minimize chatter for an, oh so smooth, ride. Plus with the addition of the patented Auto technology that works the ankle and toe strap in unison, K2 created a simple one ratchet entry and exit system so you can spend more time out on the slopes. Also the strap tension can be micro adjusted so you can fine tune your setup even further for enhanced support and feedback.