Name Droppin’—Burton Free Thinker with Danny Davis

"After riding many boards at Burton and talking with JG, Thunder, and some of the other board creators, we wanted to make a little quiver selection. That's how the Free Thinker and Deep Thinker came about. Two boards that have similar qualities, but excel in different terrain. The Free Thinker is the park, pipe, jib and jumping board and the Deep Thinker is more of the directional, carving, powder pony. Both boards are amazing and perform in most conditions, but the shape and bends are created a little differently to cater to what type of terrain you like to ride." — Danny Davis

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Far from a base model. p: Yosh

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From Burton:
The Burton Free Thinker is a true twin spin on Danny Davis' go-to, built for hot laps in the park, pipe, or mobbing side hits across the mountain. The unique true twin shape opens up the possibilities for creative expression in any direction, while the control of camber keeps it quick and poppy. 45° Carbon Highlights deliver snap without the stiff side effects. Throwback graphics top it off, adding a touch of Burton's early 90's roots to an already iconic model.


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