Name Droppin’--Iikka Backstrom’s DC Tucknee Boot

“I personally like soft boots, no ski boot-feel for me. With the Tucknee's asymmetrical design I have support where I need it and flex in the right places for tweaking. The Tucknee literally changed the boot game for me.”--Iikka Backstrom

Tread on, treader. p: Yosh

Brand Statement:
The all-new Tucknee boot takes its inspiration from skate-inspired, 90s-era shredding when the tweak was everything. The defining feature of the Tucknee is an asymmetrical lacing design that favors medial flexion for maximum tweak-ability without sacrificing lateral support.

Traditional lacing with some support. p: Yosh

--Traditional lacing
--Asymmetrical anti-drag outsole
--Black lining
--Sole repurpose insole
--Internal ankle harness
--Wrap lock hardware
--Flex rating: 7/10

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MSRP: $299.95

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