Name Droppin’—Lobster’s Halldór Pro

My pro model Lobster board is an all-around true twin board. I like to ride everything, so I wanted a board that would perform in all conditions. This year's model comes upgraded with new Super Tubes, which are carbon tubes milled into the wood core, making it lighter and stronger than before. The graphic is inspired by GG Allin's and my mom's saying, "Die When You Die," hehe. It's a really sick board for both beginners or riders that are way better than me, so do not be afraid. — Halldór Helgason

From Lobster:
Halldor's pro model is perfect for destroying the whole mountain. The 3BT with SideKick means it's great for stomping big hits with hard landings and carving like there is no tomorrow. Do not be afraid!

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